Is language really ambiguous? (Ambiguity in language, pt. 3)

Ambiguous expressions pervade language. Moreover, it appears that speakers don’t always avoid speaking ambiguously. So how do we manage to communicate at all? And why are we often oblivious to the pervasiveness of this ambiguity? Reframing the problem One answer to these questions is to reframe the problem: perhaps, some might say, language is not … Continue reading Is language really ambiguous? (Ambiguity in language, pt. 3)

The Rhythm of Conversation (pt. 1)

Many things in our lives have rhythms: music, poetry, the pace at which we walk, and even the rate at which we talk. One of the marvels of everyday conversation – overlooked, perhaps, because it seems so obvious and so easy – is turn-taking. That is, when one speaker finishes talking, someone else usually starts … Continue reading The Rhythm of Conversation (pt. 1)